Chocolate žlikrofi and Idrija mining tunnels

Last Thursday Gostišče Idrija, in collaboration with some other local agencies and companies, organized an event titled “Culinary Innovations – from žlikrof to dessert” (sl. Inovacije v kulinariki – od žlikrofa do sladice). Within the scope of this event I designed the banner, advertising material and photographed the event. Here is the banner design and … Continue reading Chocolate žlikrofi and Idrija mining tunnels

Words Made Concrete

I find writing things helps to make your thoughts concrete and they start facing you instead of you facing them. If one can face his own thoughts as something concrete, something real, something that isn’t only limited to “subconscious”, then one can make closures, and properly think things out. When you write things down, another … Continue reading Words Made Concrete

Od klasično liberalne do libertarne “države”

Danes sem dobil vprašanje, kaj je država in kako bi se financirala v konktekstu klasično-liberalne, libertarne in anarhične misli. To je dobro vprašanje, ki zahteva malce razmisleka, saj je bistvena razlika med klasičnim liberalcem, libertarcem in anarho-kapitalistom v tem, kako daleč peljejo svoj razmislek in zaupanje v delovanje trga. Načeloma bi se vsi libertarci in … Continue reading Od klasično liberalne do libertarne “države”

Privatizing the State

A while ago I was arguing about privatizing the State, so that it would relieve it’s monopolies and become like a company. It’s constitution would thereby be similar to the incorporation papers or a legal document, that anyone could dissociate with on individual or corporate level. The basic fundamental difference between the State now and … Continue reading Privatizing the State