Chocolate žlikrofi and Idrija mining tunnels

Last Thursday Gostišče Idrija, in collaboration with some other local agencies and companies, organized an event titled “Culinary Innovations – from žlikrof to dessert” (sl. Inovacije v kulinariki – od žlikrofa do sladice). Within the scope of this event I designed the banner, advertising material and photographed the event. Here is the banner design and … Continue reading Chocolate žlikrofi and Idrija mining tunnels

Want some ‘berries?

I could write about selling berries for cash and how that, while completely legitimate, could give the State some headaches because they just can’t really control how you use your resources and whether you eat them or sell them. I could, I really could write about that. But I don’t feel like that today. I … Continue reading Want some ‘berries?