On Tradition

3 thoughts on “On Tradition”

  1. One note on ‘Sola Scriptura’. Originally, with 16th century reformers, this did not mean a wholescale rejection of tradition, but rather raising Scripture above tradition as the supreme arbiter of doctrine and morals. Both Luther and Calvin and our Trubar were relying heavily (sometimes too heavily!) on Augustine. They held all the church fathers in high esteem.
    It was only later, in the evangelical-fundamentalist tradition(!) that all earlier traditions were written off wholescale and the Sola Scriptura acquired the above narrow (and debilitating) meaning.

    1. In saying “or tradition, and therefore all traditional and extra-biblical was to be rejected.” I was somewhat cynically appealing to todays belief about it.
      Of course you’re right. Luther obviously, and Trubar too, never wanted to dismantle what was, they just tried to fix the injustices and untruths… reform what was. Not destroy it. But others did.
      And that’s another thing… when people hear something and never consult with primary sources, or at least secondary ones, beliefs can develop into untruths. Dangerous thing.

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