Latest drawings

Lately I’ve had lots of things to do for projects that don’t show much tangible results, so I wanted to do some things, that are tangible and I can see. So for couple days, not necessarily in succession, I sat down behind my computer and just drew. In fact I drew so much, that my … Continue reading Latest drawings

Snowy Midnight

Today, or rather yesterday, I was out with friends in the Movies. I didn’t think that it would have snowed that same evening, but it did. So as I was coming home, I felt compelled to pick up the camera and yet again make some photos. It felt strange standing in the middle of the … Continue reading Snowy Midnight

Happy New Year 2015!

Before anything, I just want to wish you a pleasant, peaceful and free New Year, full of blessings and beauty. Most of you probably went out, hang out with your friends or family, and I stayed at home. In the evening we had a dinner with my parents and my grandma, and after that my … Continue reading Happy New Year 2015!

Facebook, adijo!

Dobro leto nazaj sem že nekaj pisal o Facebooku. Pisal sem o dekletu, ki je svoj račun na Facebooku izbrisala. Vmes sem opazil še kar nekaj ljudi, ki so iz te kvazisocialne platforme preprosto izginili. Poznam tudi nekaj ljudi, ki niso nikoli sploh odšli na Facebook. Tokrat se sam odločam za izhod iz tega omrežja. … Continue reading Facebook, adijo!