From a Prayer Breakfast to building a Tepee

I just got home. I realize that the post will have been completed later, but I can still say: “Today was a really really long day. It was a completely full day in its best sense. It was an awesome day, but it was also a very tiring day. I have enjoyed every minute of … Continue reading From a Prayer Breakfast to building a Tepee

Snowy Midnight

Today, or rather yesterday, I was out with friends in the Movies. I didn’t think that it would have snowed that same evening, but it did. So as I was coming home, I felt compelled to pick up the camera and yet again make some photos. It felt strange standing in the middle of the … Continue reading Snowy Midnight

Happy New Year 2015!

Before anything, I just want to wish you a pleasant, peaceful and free New Year, full of blessings and beauty. Most of you probably went out, hang out with your friends or family, and I stayed at home. In the evening we had a dinner with my parents and my grandma, and after that my … Continue reading Happy New Year 2015!